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Nov. 16, 2024 Meditation Retreat: Cooling The Flames of Anger

“Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” ~ Buddha

In the Buddhist teachings, we are taught that the difficult energy of anger is simply a common human emotion, and not something we need to deny in ourselves.

Instead, we’re urged to mindfully recognize, get to know, and investigate every level of our anger, so that we can more wisely and compassionately direct its powerful energy, let it transform us, and then courageously let it go.

Because the truth is: if we continue to cling to our anger, or allow it to cause us to react in ways that are unskillful or even harmful, this can not only greatly affect the quality of joy, ease, and peace in our own lives, but also in the lives of others.

During this silent meditation retreat, we’ll be exploring how we can work with our minds, bodies, and hearts to help us cool the flames of anger within us, and cultivate more patience, kindness, joy, and ease in our own lives, as well as out in our world.


Aug. 17, 2024 Meditation Retreat: True to Your Heart

“Through mindfulness, we discover a truth that is deeper than beliefs. These truths will transform our character, our deepest sense of being. What we say and do comes to be in harmony with who we are. If we don’t become someone who is true, we have no peace nor freedom. When our life is firmly based on truth, peace is not something we have – it is who we are.” ~ Gil Fronsdal

As the teachings show us, without a strong commitment to courageously face the truth within ourselves and our own hearts, our practice will ultimately not lead us to the freedom from suffering we desire.

If we are serious about discovering for ourselves what leads to happiness and freedom from suffering … we need to strive to be impeccably honest with ourselves – which is often incredibly difficult.

During our time together, we’ll be gently exploring ways in which we can begin to take a more courageous look inside our own hearts through mindfulness meditation practice to discover what is true, and start loosening the grip of suffering that has been holding us hostage.

We’ll be gathering for our retreat on Saturday from 10 a.m. – 5:00 p.m in the beautiful, peaceful sanctuary of Grace Episcopal Church in The Plains, VA. Best known for its lush, rolling landscape and equestrian traditions, The Plains is located about one hour west of Washington, DC, and about a half an hour from the Shenandoah Mountains.

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June 8, 2024 Meditation Retreat: No Self, No Problem – Exploring Anatta

The word anatta – which means no permanently abiding self – is at the very heart and core of Buddhist meditation practice, yet it is one of its most misunderstood concepts.

When we explore anatta through our meditation practice, it doesn’t mean we’re trying to get rid of who we are; it means we’re becoming more and more willing to see through the small, false, often negative ideas or beliefs of what we call “self.”

In actuality, we are so much bigger than who or what we think we are. In fact, we are not only vast, but constantly fluid and changing: new in each moment, and dying in each moment … much like waves on the ocean.

During this silent meditation retreat, we’ll be exploring anatta through various teachings, along with meditations designed to help us loosen our tenacious grip on the ego and sense of “self,” so that we can experience more freedom, peace, and ease in our lives.